Empowering People with Connectivity + technology services

Connection has the power to better you and those around you. Like a road that connects people to places and experiences, we are actively building the network of connectivity highways to bridges the gaps between community, education, commerce and opportunities. Connection empowers ideas, information and resources, and most importantly - you.



High speed internet and phone services for rural and urban Virginia

You need connection. Whether it's video chatting with a familiar face, checking your home security camera from your mobile or streaming a movie for some down time, connections are essential.

Fixed wireless  
Managed wifi
+ Phone
Business phone


Lingo Networks's managed IT services allow you to focus on your business instead of your technology..

Managed services allows you to focus on your customers and your employees. This type of tech. support saves you time and maximizes your organization's efficiency. 

Managed IT services
+ WiFi improvement
Remote support
Website design

Technology Service

Lingo Networks's technology services include computer repair and mobile repair, remote support, antivirus solutions, tutorials and retail sales.

We're by your side to keep your technology operating as it should with repair and maintenance services. We'll answer your questions in a one-on-one environment to get the most out of your gear.

Computer repair
Mobile repair
Antivirus / Cybersecurity
E-device recycling