More than just a phone system, LINK is a Hosted Communications solution that gives your business the ability to be accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Take advantage of integrated mobility and collaboration tools without the cost of maintaining pricey on-site equipment. Easy to personalize, you can even pick the number of times your phone will ring for an incoming call, and simple to use. LINK connects everyone in your company, allowing simpler and more effective communication. Whether it's designing, implementing, or training your employees or our local customer support team that's available for phone & on-site support, LINK is quite literally made for your business.

LINK perks

Lingo Networks's LINK service features auto attendant.


Lingo Networks's LINK service features call hunting and find me, follow me.



Lingo Networks's LINK service features HD voice quality.


Lingo Networks's LINK service features voicemail to email.


Does link fit you?

  • 2+ phones in a business setting
  • Need interactive voice response, auto attendants, calling hunting or queuing
  • Prefer customizable features
  • Set monthly fee that's competitive to standard phone


Getting more granular

Productivity features

Simultaneous ringing, find me/follow me, voicemail-to-email, web meetings and seamless integrated mobility are all key features that can be personalized for each user, with no on-site I. T. expert required (although we have them if you need them). Your existing phone numbers can be ported to the new service, eliminating the need to change business collateral or contact information. 

Zero limits

LINK includes unlimited local and long distance - your bill will be the same each month. This is a great way to save since most providers charge by the minute. 

Incomparable customer care

Our local team gets your new custom communications solution up ASAP so your business can immediately benefit from the productivity features and cost savings built into LINK. 

Low, set monthly rates

With no on-premise PBX system to upkeep, you pay a small, set fee every month. No surprises.


link fax


Lingo Networks's LINK fax service options cost less than traditional fax systems.

All the fax

Choose from two fax options to accommodate your specific needs. Both options cost less than traditional fax systems. 


Hosted fax

It is no longer necessary to buy and maintain a fax machine to send and receive faxes. Just add LINK Hosted Fax to your LINK setup, and get all the convenience and security of a private fax machine within any browser. 

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  • Have faxes delivered to email or directly into the LINK Customer Administration Portal
  • Easily manage features in the LINK Customer Administration Portal 
  • Requires no capital expenditure or set-up costs
  • Easily port existing fax numbers
  • Send and receive fax documents of any length
  • Fax to anywhere in the U.S.

Fax line

If you want to keep or maintain a traditional fax machine, LINK can still save you money every month, when compared to the cost of an analog line.

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  • LINK Fax Line service is compatible with existing fax machines
  • Get the convenience of one provider and one bill
  • Use company-wide
  • Easily port existing fax numbers
  • Receive and send fax documents of any length
  • Fax to anywhere in the U.S.

LINK fax perks

modernized faxing 

modernized faxing 

save from the start

save from the start